1. Cancellation policy: 
Day of cancellation Cancellation fee by the contract
48 hours before the day of arrival (3PM) 100%
Between 6 days and 2 days before the arrival date 50%
More than 7 days before arrival No fee

PRE-PAID NON REFUNDABLE (Early bird/Unique) rate: if cancelled or modified, the total price of the reservation will be charged
In case of cancellation due to the contractor, the above table compensations are applied.The cancellation fee of the contract is reduced by the deposit received. By accepting these booking conditions, we reserve the right to debit the amount of the cancellation fee from your credit card.

  1. The price offer made by the hotel owner is without obligation and is not binding.
  2. The contracting parties: A guest who stays in a hotel is not necessarily a contracting party: a hotel contract can be made in his name by a third party.
  3. The Hotel Contract: The contract is valid upon receival of an advance-payment or surety provided with credit card.
  4. Payment: Hotel bills are payable upon delivery.
  5. Occupation of the rooms: Rooms reserved for a guest must be available at 3pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated before 11am on the day of departure.
  6. Delayed arrival: The guests who will arrive later than 8pm must notify the hotel.
  7. Advances: As written in the confirmation letter the advance-payments must occur 4 weeks prior to day of arrival to the hotel owner. In the absence of payment, the hotel owner has the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice.
  8. Full terms and conditions: These can be found on our website, available at the reception, or may be sent upon request via email or post.