La Terrasse du Zoute, where hospitality and service really matter at all times..


Stefan Vanhollebeke, the driving force of Hotel Britannia is proud to be at the helm of this beautiful establishment.
Stefan is an entrepreneur who has mixed innovative ideas while retaining classic values ​​and styles. This atypical combination proves to be a success on the entire line, which is also continued in La Terrasse du Zoute, the restaurant that is part of L’Hôtel Lugano the hotel he owns since over 20 years.
The preservation of classical values ​​is a conscious choice, it does not always have to be strict and nihilistic. People like to return to a classic warmth that is combined with a contemporary touch. In Hotel Britannia and L’Hôtel Lugano you will be confronted with a human warmth and welcome from your first contact on. The reception provides a pleasant welcome and you will recognize the team when you return. Because our employees also feel at home here, there is no staff arrival and departure, so you are also personally addressed and served. Classic etiquette with elegance and warmth are the common thread that will ensure that you will return. You are not a number here. You will not feel at home here on the contrary: you will find yourself in an oasis of peace and luxury where our staff will make you feel that little bit more special
The name Vanhollebeke is a fixed value in Knokke and in the hotel world with a strong reputation. Stefan Vanhollebeke is the youngest of 4 children, each of whom is at the helm of a hotel in Knokke and surroundings. And this under the approving and watchful eye of the mum, Mrs. Leenknecht, who knows the ins and outs of the sector better than anyone, thanks to her enormously rich experiences in operating the hotel herself. L’Hôtel Lugano was founded in 1939 and has remained in the hands of the family ever since. The recent interior renovations from 2019 bring a fresh breath of fresh air to various rooms of the hotel.

Hotel Britannia was ruled with warmth by his sister Caroline Vanhollebeke until 2020; the moment Stefan took over with the same passion for hospitality.

Stefan and his team welcome you in Hotel Britannia, where we all work together to offer you the most professional service.


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