Cigar Lounge

La Terrasse du Zoute

Are you a true cigar lover? Then you have just found your new favourite cigar lounge. Feel free to come by and enjoy one of our international cigars paired with a matching whisky. A good cigar and a game of cards with friends is the ideal way to unwind.

Our cigar lounge is 'cigar only' for those who want to relax and enjoy their cigar. If you prefer to smoke a cigarette or vape you are always welcome in our smoking corner at the entrance of the hotel. We look forward to welcoming you.

The passion of the Vanhollebeke family for generations

Our cigars

Curious about what our cigar lounge has to offer? You can find our different cigars under 'Menu', 'La Terrasse, the cigars'.

How does it work?

In accordance with Belgian law, we are not allowed to serve in the cigar lounge. You can order your favourite cigar via the QR code found at your seat. Our enthusiastic staff will be happy to give you a word of explanation during your visit.


To make reservations, you can send an e-mail on our website via 'contact'. We will reply as quickly as possible. You can also reach us by phone every day on +32 (0)50 630 530.  

La Terrasse du Zoute is open every day.  

Yes absolutely, you can rent a golf cart at the reception of L'Hôtel Lugano.

Sure enough, you can enjoy a cigar and a glass in our lounge at the back of the establishment.  

Knokke, a fantastic experience

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